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Terms of Conditions

This direct consumer marketing portal is managed by brassworld.co.in (address of registered office of the firm). Kindly go through our Privacy and Cookie policies as well, and comprehend them to be applicable within the same context as the following terms and conditions.

Your decision to utilise this direct marketing portal, in any way, shape, or form, is subjugated to the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions of Usage. You would be deemed to have given consent to these conditions if you choose to utilise this direct marketing portal.


Rights pertaining to copyright and all other such rights associated with the marketing content accessible on the portal resides in its entirety with brassworld.co.in. Visitors/Users/Members of the portal have no right whatsoever to copy/download, either in part or full, the marketing/advertising content on the portal. Visitors/users/members are prohibited from copying and distributing the material available on the portal, in any way, shape, or form, for any commercial or personal use, in the absence of express consent of the publisher, i.e. brassworld.co.in. Furthermore, utilising the webpages, images, graphics, photographs, or any other such content from the website is also not permissible for copying and distribution, in the absence of express consent from brassworld.co.in.

By paying a visit to the portal, you provide consent to not initiate the development of any kind of database, electronic or otherwise, that comprises information or content that has been obtained, either copied or downloaded, form the website, without the express consent of the publisher, brassworld.co.in.

On using the portal, you agree to not to circulate any unsolicited marketing or advertisement communications. This includes information exchanged through email, promotional mail/junk-mail, chain-letters, and other such communication channels, which originated from the content available on the portal.

Trade Marks

Any and all trademarks of brassworld.co.in, including but not limited to, logos, graphics, page designs, page headers, and icons, firmly belong to and are covered under the intellectual property rights of brassworld.co.in, and hence are prohibited to be used by third parties, in the absence of express consent of the publisher, i.e. brassworld.co.in.


Hereinafter, every once in a while, brassworld.co.in may need you to subscribe for a certain product or service, including news feeds, subscription services, product information, conferences and events. Information obtained through such subscriptions shall be subjected to our stringent privacy policies and hence, any dissemination of the information obtained from these subscriptions would be prohibited unless express consent is provided by brassworld.co.in.

By subscribing to any of these services or products, you would be deemed to have provided consent to deliver complete, true, accurate, and updated information about yourself, as requested by the pertinent subscription form.


Please review our Privacy Notice, which also governs your visit to brassworld.co.in, to understand our practices. The personal information / data provided to us by you during the course of usage of brassworld.co.in will be treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with the Privacy Notice and applicable laws and regulations. If you object to your information being transferred or used, please do not use the website.


You being made aware of, and acknowledged, with the fact that certain part of the available content on the portal is supplemented by third party clients and brand-owners, and the trueness and completeness of it, cannot be necessarily verified every time by brassworld.co.in. Absolutely no obligation or liability would be levied/acknowledged/recognised by brassworld.co.in for the inaccuracy, fallacies, incorrectness, or omissions if any happens to emerge within the content available on the portal.

With all its resources and manpower, brassworld.co.in, do strive to make sure that the portal remains available, throughout the day, for all 24 hours. However, we do not provide any assurance or guarantee as to nonoccurrence of service delays, malfunctions, or interruptions, as a result of technical problems or other such reasons that are outside the purview of the immediate control of the publisher. Moreover, the accessibility to the portal may get temporarily suspended, without any prior notice, in the event of system failure, maintenance, or repair work, or for any other reasonable cause of such nature.

You are being made aware of the fact that, even though brassworld.co.in strive to make sure all the information accessible on the portal is true, factually correct, and complete, the information provided is general in its context and meaning, and therefore, should not be construed as a specific direction/instruction/advice/recommendation on the part of brassworld.co.in. At every turn, we recommended you take professional advice, before proceeding upon or following the information on the portal. You would be deemed capable of exercising rational judgment on your part, once you decide to use the portal.

Reasonable efforts are undertaken by brassworld.co.in to make sure that the information available on the portal does not imbibe or promulgate any malicious viruses or other similarly hostile codes. The advice provided by brassworld.co.in to all its users is to install an updated version of capable anti-virus software on their respective devices. To the entirety of the permissible extent of applicable laws, brassworld.co.in is excluded from any liability whatsoever, in association with any damage or loss triggered as a result of computer virus or any other malicious programs of such nature, emerging from the portal.

The third-party website links provided on the portal, are there for the sole purpose of your ease and convenience. They are not to be considered as a representative of endorsement by brassworld.co.in, in any way shape or form. You are made aware of the fact that brassworld.co.in is not in control of the material on these third-party websites, and therefore, cannot provide any assurance in terms of the accuracy or correctness of the information. Moreover, brassworld.co.in cannot be held liable for any malicious, contentious or defamatory content, that may emerge on these third-party websites, and users are recommended to keep this in mind while accessing third party websites and their content, and do so on their own accord and risk.

Amendments to Terms & Conditions of Use

Every once in a while, or at regular intervals, brassworld.co.in retains the right to amend and introduce changes to these Terms & Conditions of Use, as deemed appropriate by the publisher. We suggest you visit the terms and conditions, now and then, in order to remain updated with the changes being made.

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If you have any queries pertaining to these Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact us at marketing@brassworld.co.in.

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